Ford F-150 Bed Dimensions [Short, Standard & Long Beds]

The Ford F-150, renowned for its robust construction and versatile features, is one of the flagship pickup truck models from the Ford Motor Company. The bed of this truck in particular is popular among users for its adaptability, offering vast storage capacity that can meet varying demands. The

F-150 is available in three unique bed sizes that users can choose from depending on their specific needs – short bed, standard bed, and long bed. Each of these variants has been carefully designed to accommodate different types of cargo while ensuring easy maneuverability, delivering an optimal balance between utility and convenience.

Ford F-150 Short Bed Dimensions

Ford F-150 Bed Dimensions Short Bed

The Short Bed, often seen with SuperCrew cab, often called the 5.5 foot bed, making it perfect for those who prioritize cabin space and tighter handling over maximum cargo volume. With dimensions of 67.1 inches in length, 50.6 inches in width, and a height of 21.4 inches, it offers a cargo box volume of 52.8 cubic feet. The short bed offers enough capacity for most light tasks or fun outings. Though not for big loads, it shines in cabin space.

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Ford F-150 Standard Bed Dimensions

Ford F-150 Bed Dimensions Standard Bed

In the middle of the lineup is the Standard Bed, typically paired with the SuperCab. At 6.5 feet, it strikes a balance between ample cabin space and larger cargo capacity. It’s 78.9 inches long, 50.6 inches wide, and 21.4 inches high. With a cargo volume of 62.3 cubic feet, it provides more room for hauling. The Standard Bed strikes a balance. This bed size can deal with medium payloads and more extended goods. Suited for a variety of purposes, it’s perfect for those needing a pickup for most day-to-day hauling needs.

Ford F-150 Long Bed Dimensions

Ford F-150 Bed Dimensions Long Bed

The Long Bed boasts an impressive bed size of 8 feet. The length is 97.6 inches, while the width remains consistent at 50.6 inches, and height at 21.4 inches. This provides a generous 77.3 cubic feet of cargo volume, simply ideal for those heavy-duty tasks and long loads. This full-size bed maximizes utility without sacrificing too much on maneuverability. With larger loads like bulky furniture or long building materials like limber, the long bed does the job neatly. It’s built for heavy-duty use, despite being less city-friendly.

Ford F-150 Bed Size Comparison Table

Bed Size Length (inches) Min Width (inches) Max Width (inches) Height (inches) Volume (cubic feet)
5.5-foot Styleside 67.1 50.6 62.6 21.4 52.8
6.5-foot Styleside 78.9 50.6 62.6 21.4 62.3
8-foot Styleside 97.6 50.6 62.6 21.4 77.3

What Each Bed Can And Cannot Fit

Each bed size of the Ford F-150 is tailored to a different set of needs, with varying strengths and drawbacks.

The Short Bed variant of the Ford F-150, available with a SuperCrew cab, is perfect for those who need maneuverability and cab space more than a cargo bed. Being shorter in length, it’s ideal for city driving where tight parking spaces and narrow lanes are common. Still offering a generous 52.8 cubic foot cargo box volume, it’s up to the task for most transport needs, making it a favored choice for light construction work or family camp outings. While it might not accommodate larger loads, it compensates with a spacious cabin for additional in-cab storage and passenger comfort.

The Standard Bed, paired with a SuperCab, is the versatile midway point, a handy compromise for those who want both decent cargo capacity and comfortable cabin space. With bed dimensions of 78.9 inches long and a cargo box volume of 62.3 cubic feet, it’s suitable for larger payloads and longer goods. It can cater to various purposes, from carrying medium-sized equipment to weekend trips to the home improvement store. This bed size is the best choice for those who need more than a short bed but find a long bed too overwhelming for regular usage.

For users who frequently have heavy-duty tasks and require maximum hauling capacity, the Long Bed is the go-to option. Available with Standard and SuperCab, it has the length of 97.6 inches and a voluminous cargo box volume of 77.3 cubic feet. It’s perfect for serious hauling tasks such as transporting bulky furniture, lengthy building materials, or even recreational vehicles like ATVs. While it might be a bit more challenging to navigate this model in tight city streets, for those needing top-tier cargo space, the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

Maximizing The Length Of Your Truck Bed

There are a few clever ways to make the most of a truck bed. For example, if you’ve got stuff longer than the bed itself, you can lean them onto the tailgate and let them stick out. Be sure to tie a red flag on the end sticking out. This way, people driving behind you can see the items and stay a safe distance behind.

Another good tip is to open the tailgate. This way, you can let items lay flat and stick out from the back. This is great for things like ladders or long pieces of wood. However, like before, make sure there’s a visible red flag if the items stick out past the truck.

Adding a rack is another smart trick to extend the length of your truck bed. A rack setup can go over the roof of your truck. Once you get it installed, you can put even longer items on top and tie them down. So, if you’ve got long pieces of piping or several ladders, a rack can give you more room to carry all your stuff.

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Comparing The Ford F-150 Bed Sizes To Other Trucks

Looking side by side, Ford F-150’s Short Bed measures 67.1 inches in length with a cargo volume of 52.8 feet, against Silverado’s Short Bed that’s slightly longer at 69.92 inches and carries more with its 62.90 cubic feet. Dodge Ram 1500 has a bed size of 67.4 inches and volume of 53.9 cubic feet, slightly more spacious than the F-150’s short bed.

When it comes to the standard bed, Ford’s F-150 stands at 78.9 inches with a cargo area of 62.3 cubic feet. Contrarily, Silverado’s standard bed offers significant space, 79.44 inches in length and 71.70 cubic feet of cargo volume. Then there’s Dodge Ram 1500’s variant of 76.3 inches in length and a volume of 61.5 cubic feet, similar to F-150’s size.

In the final matchup for the longest beds, Ford F-150’s Long Bed is 97.6 inches with an impressive 77.3 cubic feet volume. Comparing that with Silverado’s Long Bed which has slightly extended length at 98.18 inches, and considerably larger cargo volume of 89.10 cubic feet. Dodge Ram 2500 has the longest bed size at 98.3 inches but offers slightly less cargo volume at 74.7 cubic feet.

Other Truck Bed Size Comparison Table

Model / Size Length (inches) Min Width (inches) Max Width (inches) Height (inches) Volume (cubic feet)
F-150 Short Bed 67.1 (5.5′) 50.6 62.6 21.4 52.8
F-150 Standard Bed 78.9 (6.5′) 50.6 62.6 21.4 62.3
F-150 Long Bed 97.6 (8′) 50.6 62.6 21.4 77.3
Silverado Short Bed 69.92 (5.8′) 50.63 71.40 22.4 62.9
Silverado Standard Bed 79.44 (6.6′) 50.63 71.40 22.4 71.7
Silverado Long Bed 98.18 (8.2′) 50.63 71.40 22.4 89.1
RAM 1500 Short Bed 67.4 (5.5′) 51 66.4 21.5 53.9
RAM 1500 Standard Bed 76.3 (6.5′) 51 66.4 21.5 61.5
RAM 2500 Long Bed 98.3 (8′) 51 66.4 20.2 74.7


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