Canopy Launches New Ford-backed AI-Driven Security Cam for Pickups

The Ford-backed company, Canopy, has launched a new AI-driven security camera for pickup trucks. This cutting-edge innovation from Canopy aims to provide a robust solution to the problem of truck theft. Specifically fashioned for pickups, the camera fits flawlessly in the truck’s third brake light spot, installing with ease and providing owners peace of mind.

The camera is packed with impressive features. With a 160-degree viewing angle, night vision, and motion detection capabilities, it’s ready to keep a watchful eye on your truck during all times of the day and night. If the Canopy pickup cam senses any unwanted activity, it quickly sends an alert to your phone – keeping you up to speed on your vehicle’s security.

Canopy just announced in their recent Press Release that they are ready to take orders and ship these nationwide through their new online store.

Highlights of the AI-Driven Innovation

The Canopy security camera stands as a testament to Ford’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, AI-driven solutions to practical problems. This innovation is not just a camera. It’s an intelligent system designed to protect your pickup truck. The AI capabilities lend a specificity and precision to the technology that makes it truly exceptional in its role.

Equipped with AI-driven camera technology, the Canopy pickup cam provides an unrivaled sense of security. Its AI technology feeds into motion detection features, ensuring any potential threats are identified promptly. The partnership with ADT’s security monitoring services further bolsters the scope of the cam’s protective capabilities, making it a significant leap forward in vehicle security.

Designed Primarily To Combat Theft

The Canopy security cam is designed specifically with an aim to combat theft – a troubling issue for pickup owners. It is a practical and tech-savvy solution to augment the truck’s security, making it a difficult target for thieves. Its AI-driven, quick alert feature and the wide-angle recordings ensure closer surveillance and protection, creating a deterrent for potential break-ins or thefts. Therefore, it brings peace of mind to vehicle owners, making their cherished pickups less susceptible to theft.

Easy Installation Process

One standout feature of the Canopy pickup cam is how uncomplicated it is to install. Designed to fit perfectly in the third brake light spot, it does not require any special mounting or drilling. This means you don’t have to call an expert or carve out large amounts of time installing it. You can seamlessly install the Canopy cam yourself within minutes and start benefiting from its surveillance capabilities. In other words, the setup is so simple that upping your truck’s security has never been easier.

Key Features

Truck Cargo Security Cam

The Canopy pickup cam is loaded with key features that make it highly effective.

It provides a broad 160-degree viewing angle, meaning it offers a wide-range cover of your pickup’s surrounding area for enhanced security. To ensure its vigilance doesn’t wane with the setting of the sun, the Canopy cam employs night vision technology so it can persistently monitor around your vehicle even in complete darkness.

In addition, it’s equipped with motion detection abilities. The camera senses any significant movement around your truck and immediately notifies you of any suspicious activity. This ensures that even the smallest attempt at theft or vandalism is promptly caught and reported.

Continuous Recording

The Canopy pickup cam doesn’t just spring into action when it senses motion, it’s always recording. This continuous recording mechanism offers round-the-clock surveillance of your pickup. It saves recordings for up to 48 hours, so you have a substantial window to review the footage if needed. Even when the truck is parked or turned off, Canopy is constantly vigilant. This consistent capturing and saving of video feed are what make the Canopy pickup cam an efficient and trustworthy guard for your vehicle.

Cam Alerts You In Case Of Suspicious Activity

When it comes to the protection of your pickup, the Canopy cam goes one step further than simple recording. Its sophisticated technology analyses the surroundings and can detect if something unusual is occurring. If it detects movements that could be potential hazards, the security system springs into action.

It doesn’t just record the incident, but instantly sends an alert to your connected device, allowing you to respond promptly. Canopy ensures that even from a remote location, you will be immediately made aware of any suspicious activity around your truck. It’s like having a personal watchguard who keeps you updated every step of the way.

AI-Driven Camera Technology

The Canopy pickup cam makes use of FoMoCo’s AI-driven camera technology. This advanced technology allows the camera to intelligently analyze the surroundings, enabling more precise motion detection and, therefore, providing heightened security. This not only elevates the quality of the surveillance, but also ensures only significant alerts make it to your phone, minimizing unnecessary notifications.

The innovative camera system pairs this advanced technology with ADT’s renowned security monitoring services. Together they create a fully integrated, reliable, and superior security solution. With the ADT’s services in the mix, the Canopy cam is primed to effectively monitor, secure, and protect your pickup truck.

Mobile App and Security Features

To make the surveillance more accessible and user-friendly, Canopy has presented a convenient mobile app. This app serves as a quick gateway to your pickup cam’s feed, allowing you to check on your vehicle anytime and from anywhere. If the cam detects any issue, the app promptly sends you an alert, keeping you updated in real-time. Moreover, the app also lets you view the live feed of your truck’s surroundings, adding another layer of control and assurance in your vehicle’s protection. To put it simply, the Canopy mobile app brings your vehicle’s safety into the palm of your hands.

Live Video Feed In The App

The Canopy mobile app offers an innovative feature that goes beyond conventional vehicle security: a live video feed. This feature provides access to real-time visuals around your pickup, anywhere and anytime, directly through the app. Whether you want to keep a regular check on your parked truck or need to verify an alert, the live feed feature is there to offer immediate and round-the-clock visual assurance. In a way, the live feed empowers users, making them feel truly in control of their vehicle’s security no matter where they are.

The Cloud Storage

Another advantageous feature that Canopy offers besides its innovative AI-backed security is the option for cloud storage. This means footages captured by Canopy’s camera aren’t limited to the 48-hour window of local recording. With the cloud storage option, recordings from the camera can be stored for longer periods. This provides an extended timeframe to check your past video feeds whenever necessary. Although the feature comes at an additional cost, it’s perfect for those who value the ability to review older footage or want that extra backup for critical situations.

The Camera’s Specs

The Canopy pickup cam comes with top-quality technical specifications that set it apart from other security cams. For starters, it has a full HD camera with 1080p resolution, enabling it to record sharp, clear visuals. This ensures that, whether you’re checking footage or viewing the live feed, you’re receiving high-quality images.

Furthermore, the cam is equipped with infrared technology for night vision. This ensures that the security of your pickup isn’t compromised even in low-light conditions. When the sun dips and visibility lessens, the cam switches to night vision mode, capturing equally clear and detailed images. This 24/7 surveillance, regardless of lighting conditions, assures users that their vehicle is constantly under watch, day and night.

Wi-Fi Compatible

The Canopy pickup cam even shines in the arena of connectivity and power management. For starters, it’s compatible with Wi-Fi, operating on the 2.4GHz band. This means the camera can easily connect to your Wi-Fi network, providing the possibility for remote access and updates.

In terms of power, the Canopy pickup cam comes with a solid-state battery, a built-in feature that is not removable. But what truly sets it apart is its longevity. A single charge can keep the cam running for up to 2 years. Not having to frequently recharge or replace the battery makes maintaining the cam much less cumbersome, and you can count on the Canopy cam’s lasting power to keep monitoring your pickup without interruptions.

The Recap

The Canopy pickup cam from Ford and ADT shines as a feat of modern technology designed for the safety of your vehicle. It pairs AI-driven capabilities with meticulous design to combat theft efficiently. Noteworthy features like an extensive 160-degree view, night vision, constant recording, and live feed give you complete control and peace of mind.

So whether you are parked in a remote area, navigating through harsh weather, or simply leaving your pickup unsupervised, the Canopy cam ensures it never stays unwatched. With a simple installation process and a long-lasting battery, it is a convenient, robust, and intelligent security solution for your pickup.

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