Exploring the Dimensions of the Ford F-150 Truck

Making sure that your truck fits everywhere you intend to parking it is an important factor. This is why I took time and measured the truck with a measuring tape so you have this important information.

Let me explain first what truck we have here to measure. This is a 2020 Ford F-150 XF4 with a SuperCrew® Cab and a short bed. But I will include the measurements for all the other configurations.

In this article, we are going to explore the different dimensions of the Ford F-150 truck. The F-150 is a well-regarded vehicle known for its balance between comfort, utility, and performance. By looking at the width, height, and length of this truck, we’ll get a better understanding of how its size contributes to its functionality and comfort. Whether you’re interested in its ability to maneuver through tight spaces, or the space it offers for passengers and cargo, understanding the dimensions of this truck will provide a clearer picture of what it brings to the table.

2020 Ford F-150 Width

Ford F-150 Dimensions - Width

The Ford F-150 has different widths depending on the type of mirrors you have. Without measuring the mirrors, the width is 79.9 inches, or about 6.7 feet. When you measure it with the standard mirrors, the width is 96.8 inches, or roughly 8.1 feet. These mirrors are useful for better visibility on the road, especially when changing lanes or reversing.

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Now, if you find yourself in a tight spot, folding the standard mirrors reduces the width to 83.5 inches, or about 7 feet. This reduction can be handy in narrower spaces or when parking. The width of this truck is designed for great handling while still providing a sturdy presence on the road. It’s wide enough to feel stable but not too wide to maneuver in most everyday situations.

For those who need to tow trailers or larger loads, the F-150 can be equipped with tow mirrors. With the tow mirrors, the width is 105.9 inches, or close to 8.8 feet, providing a much wider view which is helpful when towing. If you fold the tow mirrors, the width comes down to 85.5 inches, or about 7.1 feet, making it slightly more manageable in tight spaces while still retaining some of the extended visibility for towing.

The F-150’s track width, which is the distance between the centers of the left and right tires, is 67.6 inches or about 5.6 feet. This measurement contributes to the truck’s stability and handling, making it easier to drive on different types of roads and in varying conditions. The different width configurations of the F-150 show how adaptable this truck is, meeting the needs of drivers whether they are cruising on the highway, navigating through city streets, or towing heavy loads. It’s a design that balances practical functionality with the necessary utility for more demanding tasks.

Excluding Mirrors79.9" (6.7')
With Standard Mirrors96.8" (8.1')
Standard Mirrors Folded83.5" (7')
With Tow Mirrors105.9" (8.8')
Tow Mirrors Folded85.5" (7.1')

2020 Ford F-150 Length

Ford F-150 Dimensions - length

The Ford F-150 is a versatile truck known for its capabilities and range of customization in terms of cabin and bed sizes. One such configuration is the SuperCrew® cab with a short 5.5-ft. bed. This setup prioritizes cabin space, making the interior very roomy and comfortable. It’s a good pick for those who need more passenger space. However, the 5.5-ft. bed might fall short for those who require a truck for more serious hauling tasks. The total length of this configuration is 231.9 inches, or about 19.3 feet.

On the other hand, if you opt for a SuperCrew® cab with a standard 6.5′ bed, you get a bit more bed space while still enjoying a spacious cabin. This configuration has a total length of 243.7 inches, which is approximately 20.3 feet. This extra foot of bed length can make a significant difference for many, allowing for more cargo space without sacrificing too much on the cabin comfort.

For those who prioritize cargo space and don’t need as much cabin room, a Regular cab with a standard 6.5′ bed could be a fitting choice. The total length of this setup is 209.3 inches, or about 17.4 feet. This configuration offers a balance between a compact design and decent bed space for everyday tasks.

If you need even more bed space, the Regular cab with a long 8′ bed is an option. The total length of this configuration is 227.9 inches, or roughly 19 feet. This setup offers the most cargo space among the configurations mentioned, making it suitable for heavier workloads.

The SuperCab configuration, with a standard 6.5′ bed, the total length is 231.9 inches, or 19.3 feet, identical to the SuperCrew® with a 5.5-ft. bed. This setup provides a middle ground with additional cabin space compared to a Regular cab, and a reasonable bed size for various tasks.

The SuperCab with a long 8′ bed extends the total length to 250.5 inches, or about 20.9 feet. This configuration gives a substantial amount of bed space while still offering a bigger cabin compared to the Regular cab. This might be the choice for those who need a larger bed without compromising much on the cabin space.

Cab TypeBed TypeLength
Regular CabStandard Bed 6.5'209.3" (17.4')
Regular CabLong Bed 8'227.9" (19')
SuperCabStandard Bed 6.5'231.9" (19.3')
SuperCabLong Bed 8'250.5" (20.9')
SuperCrew® CabShort Bed 5.5'231.9" (19.3')
SuperCrew® CabStandard Bed 6.5'243.7" (20.3')

2020 Ford F-150 Height

Ford F-150 Dimensions - Height

The Ford F-150 with a SuperCrew® cab has a cab height of 75.6 inches, which translates to about 6.3 feet. This height is part of what makes the interior of the cab spacious and comfortable. There’s plenty of headroom for passengers, which is great for taller individuals or anyone who just likes having extra space above them. The height also gives the truck a commanding presence on the road, which is something many truck owners appreciate. It’s tall enough to provide a good view of the road ahead, yet it’s not too tall to climb into comfortably.

The height of the F-150 also contributes to its utility and versatility. It allows for a higher seating position, which many drivers find preferable, especially when navigating through traffic or driving off-road. Additionally, the height provides ample clearance underneath the truck, making it suitable for rough terrains or driving over obstacles.

The design of the SuperCrew® cab, with its height, plays a significant role in providing a roomy interior while still maintaining a rugged exterior look that’s characteristic of pickup trucks. This balance between comfort and functionality is one of the aspects that makes the Ford F-150 a popular choice among truck enthusiasts.

Cab TypeHeight
Regular Cab75.5" (6.3')
SuperCab75.5" (6.3')
SuperCrew® Cab75.6" (6.3')

2020 Ford F-150 Short Bed (5.5 ft.) Dimensions

The Ford F-150 short bed, also known as the 5.5′ bed, is quite a compact space but efficient for several lighter hauling needs. The length of the bed at the floor is 67.1 inches, which is a little over 5.5 feet, providing enough space for a variety of items. The width between the wheelhouses is 50.6 inches or about 4.2 feet, and the height of the bed is 21.4 inches, slightly under 2 feet. This width allows for a good amount of space across, although the wheelhouses do intrude a bit into the cargo area.

The total box volume of the 5.5′ bed is 52.8 cubic feet. This volume provides a decent amount of room for many everyday items, like groceries, small pieces of furniture, or outdoor gear. While the 5.5′ bed may not be cut out for the more serious hauling tasks due to its smaller dimensions, it certainly brings a level of convenience and efficiency for less demanding, day-to-day hauling needs. The compact size also might make parking and maneuvering a bit easier compared to configurations with larger beds.

Length67.1" (5.5')
Width50.6" (4.2')
Height21.4" (1.8')

2020 Ford F-150 Standard Bed (6.5 ft.) Dimensions

The Ford F-150 with a standard bed, or the 6.5′ bed, offers a bit more space compared to the short bed. The length of the bed at the floor is 78.9 inches, which is about 6.6 feet, giving some extra room for longer items. The width remains the same as the short bed, at 50.6 inches or about 4.2 feet between the wheelhouses, and the height of the bed is 21.4 inches, a little under 2 feet. This configuration provides a bit more flexibility for carrying longer objects while maintaining a moderate width and height, making loading and unloading fairly straightforward.

The total box volume for the 6.5′ bed is 62.3 cubic feet, which is a noticeable increase from the short bed. This additional volume can come in handy for those extra items or slightly larger loads you might need to haul. The standard bed strikes a good balance between providing more cargo space and still keeping the truck’s overall size manageable. Whether it’s for personal use or lighter work needs, the 6.5′ bed offers a respectable amount of cargo space while still being practical for daily use.

Length78.9" (6.6')
Width50.6" (4.2')
Height21.4" (1.8')

2020 Ford F-150 Long Bed (8 ft.) Dimensions

The Ford F-150 long bed, often referred to as the 8′ bed, is the largest bed option available for this model. The bed length at the floor is 97.6 inches, which is a bit over 8 feet, providing ample space for larger or longer items. The width between the wheelhouses stays consistent at 50.6 inches, or roughly 4.2 feet, and the height of the bed is 21.4 inches, which is a little under 2 feet. This setup is particularly useful for those who need to transport larger loads, whether it’s for work or personal projects. The extended length can accommodate materials like plywood sheets or longer pieces of lumber with ease.

The total box volume for the 8′ bed is 77.4 cubic feet, a significant increase over the shorter bed options. This extra volume makes a difference when hauling larger or bulkier items, providing a more spacious cargo area to work with. The long bed configuration is ideal for those who have more demanding hauling needs, or simply prefer having the extra space available when needed. While it might make the truck a bit harder to maneuver in tight spaces due to the added length, the trade-off in cargo capacity could be a worthy one for many users.

Length97.6" (8')
Width50.6" (4.2')
Height21.4" (1.8')

The Significance of Vehicle Height, Width and Length in Pickup Trucks

The Ford F-150’s dimensions, including its height, width, and length, significantly impact its functionality and comfort. Each dimension contributes to the truck’s performance in different scenarios. Below are some key points regarding the dimensions of the Ford F-150:

The significance of Height:

  • Provides better visibility on the road.
  • Allows for easier navigation over rough terrain due to higher clearance.
  • Contributes to interior comfort with ample headroom.

The significance of Width:

  • Offers stability on the road, especially when carrying heavy loads or towing.
  • Affects maneuverability in tight spaces and narrow streets.
  • Provides a spacious interior for passengers.

The significance of Length:

  • Longer cab design prioritizes interior space and comfort for passengers.
  • Shorter bed length might limit hauling capacity but remains practical for many everyday uses.
  • Contributes to stability on highways, making the truck handle better at high speeds.

These dimensions collectively influence the F-150’s performance, comfort, and usability. By offering a balanced design, the Ford F-150 remains a versatile choice for a wide range of drivers, catering to both personal and professional needs. The various dimensions of the truck showcase a thoughtful design aimed at maximizing utility while ensuring a comfortable ride.

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In Conclusion

The Ford F-150 SuperCrew® cab truck with a short 5.5-ft. bed showcases a balance between providing ample interior space and maintaining a decent bed length for carrying loads. With a total length of 231.9 inches, or about 19.3 feet, it’s a long vehicle that provides a comfortable and spacious interior for passengers. However, the shorter bed might not be ideal for those needing to haul larger items regularly. The design leans more towards ensuring comfort for its occupants, which makes it a great choice for families or individuals looking for a comfy ride with the option to carry goods when needed.

The different dimensions of the F-150, especially its length, reflect a thoughtful design aimed at meeting various needs. While the bed length might be a limiting factor for some, the spacious cab is a big draw for others. The overall length of the truck also impacts its on-road presence and handling, making it a stable choice for highway driving while still being versatile enough for urban environments.

The Ford F-150 offers a variety of bed lengths to cater to different needs, from the compact 5.5′ bed, the balanced 6.5′ bed, to the spacious 8′ bed. Each bed size comes with its own set of advantages, with the shorter beds being more maneuverable and the longer beds offering more cargo space. Whether for personal use or work-related tasks, there’s a bed size to meet the demands of different lifestyles, making the F-150 a versatile choice for many truck buyers.

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