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Welcome to Truck Powered, a blog about trucks!

ValikTruck Powered was started by Valik Rudd who is a truck enthusiast since his young age. He has grown up in the Pacific North West and has been into trucks since high school. After graduating High School, Valik worked in an auto body shop working on cars for many years after which he opened his own shop and worked on wrecked cars and trucks that he purchased from the auction.

Recently Valik has purchased a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 that was in very rough shape with the goal to resto-mod it to a better than factory condition. This was inspired by a truck that he saw on YouTube of another person that restored a 2006 GMC Sierra pictured below. The process began in 2021 and has been Valik’s “hobby” ever since. Every year another stage of the rebuild got done. You can follow his build on this blog.

Gray GMC Sierra

What You Will Find On This Blog

Besides the build progress of Valik’s Sierra, you will find many other articles that are written by Valik and a hand-full of other writers about trucks and the most common questions that people ask about them.

We have a lot of articles about Electric Trucks, like the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Hummer EV. These are new electric trucks and there are lots of questions floating around about them so we research and answer them to the best of our abilities.

Early next year (2023) Valik will be going to Seattle to test drive and photograph these 2 trucks in person since they are not available in his small city. The plan is to take a test-drive and experience the electric truck to be able to write about it in this blog. Having our own photos of these trucks will also be very beneficial so we can use them to illustrate all the details of the trucks without having to depend on other resources.

The goal of this blog is to provide truck answers to those that have truck questions as well as post updates about the truck build. Although the build has began in 2021, the updates have not made it into the blog until late 2022. The are behind about a year but most of the progress can be followed on Valik’s Instagram at @valiik and @truckpoweredblog.

2000 GMC Sierra

Readers’ Favorites

Over time we have noticed the content that is growing in popularity because these articles have been well researched and provide a lot of useful information to those that are searching it. Here are our top readers’ favorites:

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