Your Ford F-150 Key Fob (All You Need To Know)

The Ford F-150 key comes connected to the compact key fob that can be used to unlock the truck and many other functions besides manually opening the doors and starting the engine. The key folds in like a pocket knife with a chrome button in the top-left corner that swipes the key out like a switch blade when pressed.

Key Fob Overview

  • Start the truck with the key
  • Lock/Unlock the truck with the key
  • LockUnlock the truck remotely
  • Start the truck remotely
  • Open all the windows
  • Activate the alarm in case of emergency
  • Throw it at somebody so they stop being dumb
  • Switch blade trick at parties

But seriously, this is a nice little key fob that feels good in the hand, easy to reach the buttons and I like it that it contains the key within the fob so you don’t have to have anything else with you if you don’t need to.

Key Fob Functions

To go into it a little more and explain the functions that this Ford F-150 key fob has I need a little more space so we’ll talk about this in this separate section.

Ford F-150 Key Fob

Unlock The Truck

The truck can be unlocked manually by using the key that is contained within the key fob. It can be released and opened by pressing the chrome button in the top-left corner of the key fob.

Once the key is open, stick it into the key hole in the truck’s door and turn it to the left about a quarter turn (counter-clockwise). This will unlock the door and you can enter the truck.

You can also unlock the truck’s doors remotely by pressing the unlock button on the key fob. This button is on the right side of the from of the key fob and it has an unlocked pad lock icon on the button. Pressing the button once will unlock the driver’s door only, and pressing it twice will unlock all the doors. Lights will flash to confirm visually that the truck has been unlocked.

Lock The Truck

The truck can also be locked manually by using the key that is contained inside the key fob. You can release it by pressing the chrome button at the top-left corner of the key fob.

Make sure all the doors in the truck are shut. Stick the key into the key hole in the driver’s door and turn it about a quarter turn to the right (clockwise). This will lock all the doors.

The doors can also be locked remotely. All the doors must be shut for this to work. Press the lock button on the key fob once to lock the doors, and twice to lock and turn on the alarm system. Lights will flash and you will hear a tone as a confirmation that the truck is locked and two tones when the alarm is turned on.

Remotely Start The Truck

Ford F-150 Key Fob Key Open

To fire up your Ford F-150’s engine, use your key fob’s engine start button. It’s in the middle, with a circle arrow. Inside the circle, you’ll see “2x” text. That’s your start button. Press that button two times to start the engine.

You have to be within 300 feet of the truck for this to work and also the less things you have blocking the view to the truck the better. Once the truck’s engine is started the truck’s doors stay locked to keep someone from driving it away. When you are ready, you can unlock the doors with the door unlock button on the remote and then insert the key into the ignition like normal and turn it to the ON position. You just don’t need to actually start the engine because it is already running.

The truck will keep running for 5, 10 or 15 minutes depending on your settings and then will automatically shut off.

Open All The Windows In The Truck

When it is hot outside and you want to ventilate the truck before you have to sit in it, you can use the key fob to open all the windows remotely.

This key fob trick is not obvious and there is not a special button for that, but it can be accomplished by pressing the unlock button. That’s the button on the right, with the unlocked padlock icon on it. The code to open the windows is, you press the button twice and then hold the button down the third time until you see the windows opening.

Replacing The Battery In The Ford F-150 Key Fob

If you notice that the key fob is not reaching as far as it used to, or the functions don’t work some times, this can be a sign of a low battery. Obviously if nothing happens when you press the buttons on the key fob, it is also a sign that the battery might be dead.

To replace the battery, first you need to buy a new one. The battery this key fob uses is CR2032, and you just need one.

Once you have the new battery, remove the back cover of the key fob. This can be done by first opening the key by pressing the chrome button. Then you will find a notch under the cover inside the channel where the key lives. You can use another key or a screwdriver to pry the back cover off so the side will pop off. You might need to use your fingers to pop off the rest of the cover to reveal the battery.

Ford F-150 Key Fob Battery Replacement

Ford F-150 Key Fob Battery Replacement

Remove the battery and place the new one in its place. Then press the cover back on. Make sure that all the corners are pressed all the way down. Now test the remote to see if its working again. If it’s still not working, you may have a faulty key fob and may need to get it replaced.

Ford F-150 Key Fob Battery Replacement

Here is a video that shows you the key fob battery replacement process.

Key Fob Replacement Cost

If the key fob for push button start is not working on your Ford F-150, here is what to do. First make sure the battery is not dead. Once you replace the battery and it is still not working, you may need to get a new key fob.

These key fobs are not cheap these days. Getting a new one from the Ford dealer can cost up to $300. An aftermarket one can cost under $100.

I also found a cheapie on Amazon for under $30, but be ware that it doesn’t have your key cut and it is not programmed. It will need to be taken to the dealer to make the key for it and to program it for your truck. This may not be worth the trouble. All this work may cost you close to what a new replacement from the dealer will cost, but you will have the OEM fob instead of some crappy quality one.

Ford F-150 Key Fob Replacement

A better quality after market key fob can be purchased for under $100 from this place and you will be able to get an extended warranty on it if you wanted to. It will still need to be programmed and the key cut, which can cost from $50 to $100 from a locksmith. The Ford dealer will not be able to cut the key and program the aftermarket key fob for you. Obviously they want you to buy it from them.

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