Toyota’s EPU Pickup Challenges Ford’s Maverick

Toyota has unveiled its EPU electric pickup truck concept at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. By doing so, it reveals a deep focus on electric vehicles. The EPU might be as popular as the Ford Maverick, thanks to its size and unique features like a larger interior and a peculiar tailgate.

The EPU is a bit smaller than the Maverick, and designed to be wider and longer. Its size creates more space for a bigger battery pack. Excitingly, Toyota hasn’t yet shared details about the power train or battery.

This electric pickup truck offers interesting design features. It’s built with a 4.5 feet long box, offering ample back seat space. The truck comes with a fold-down midgate and an innovative split-tailgate. This design allows you to carry 8-foot long items. The box has pockets for wider items and a rail for attaching various items.

We cannot skip the fact that there will be some frunk space available. Though its size might be a surprise considering the small hood. The car’s front might hold an engine, as hinted by Toyota’s CALTY president Kevin Hunter.

The EPU’s interior design and dimension echo the Ford Maverick. It combines a low-cost yet attractive cabin design with an eye-catching color theme. It also features a yoke-style steering wheel and dual displays in front of the driver.

Toyota EPU Interior

Toyota has not said when the EPU will be produced. But, given the truck’s design and features, it could be an instant hit. Especially if a hybrid version becomes available at a price similar to the Maverick.

The Toyota EPU could be the new benchmark in the electric pickup world. It blends uncommon design elements and advanced EV capabilities with a dose of Toyota’s brand reputation. It’s an exciting addition to one of the truck world’s hottest segments.

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