Old AM/FM Radio Out! New Retro Look Audio With Bluetooth for The 80’s/90’s OBS Trucks

Breaking news for truck and music lovers! Retro Manufacturing has crafted a fantastic blend of past aesthetics with present technology. Cake-walk installations and powerful features are now available for the 80’s and 90’s Ford and GM truck owners, thanks to Retro’s new stereo head unit.

Decked up with the essence of retro, the new unit classmates with the truck’s vintage interior splendidly. The product line, including the “Santa Cruz” for GM trucks and the “Dallas Radio” for Ford F-series trucks, has been designed following the original factory radios. It means saying yes to a bolder throwback look.

But it’s not all about the looks. Under the hood, this stereo head unit beams with remarkable features. Enjoy seamless connectivity with built-in Bluetooth Version 5.0 and revel in high-quality audio streaming. Frequencies won’t be an issue anymore with the unit’s AM/FM RDS Tuner offering 30 presets.

Available in three different feature sets – Motor 1B, Motor 2B, and Motor 4HD, truck owners are spoilt for choice. Go ahead! Select the one that suits your musical taste the best. The top-tier Motor 4HD model comes SiriusXM-Ready, a golden feather in Retro’s cap.

Hurry truck lovers, hit the road humming your favorite tunes with Retro Manufacturing’s new stereo head unit. Embrace the charm of a retro look with the magic of modern features. Buckle up for a smoother, groovier ride!

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