How To Buy A Ford F-150 Lightning? Not From A Dealer…

The Ford F-150 Lightning is the electric vehicle version of the popular Ford F-150. It is one of the fastest and most potent EV truck models and is the best-selling EV in its class.

However, because of the high demand, and the technical requirements that the truck brings to the market, it is not available for sale at any regular Ford dealer. The dealers must undergo training and certification to accept orders for the F-150 Lightning. The technical capability requirements made it difficult to bring the F-150 Lightning to the dealership for them to sell. Additionally, the demand for the EV truck required Ford to redesign its sales process.

To buy a Ford F-150 Lightning, you must go to the Ford website and create a reservation. You cannot purchase the EV truck directly from any regular dealership. The release of the trucks will be in waves, and you will be informed when and where you can accept the delivery of your F-150 Lightning.

When you open the website, you can choose what model truck you want, but you will only be able to buy it after a while. The high demand for the vehicle meant a need for more inventory. In purchasing a regular model Ford, you can practically walk to the lot and drive away with a truck of your choice. Instead, the Ford F-150 Lightning is released in waves, according to a schedule.

After you sign up for the vehicle, your order is in a queue as this EV is made to order. You will have to wait for the exact model you signed up for. At the same time, there will be no dealership fees and markups. The vehicle will be allocated to you and built according to your wishes.

Can I Still Buy a Ford F-150 Lightning?

Yes, you can still buy the Ford F-150 Lightning, but not for the 2022 and 2023 model years. The online ordering system is used because there is a high demand, and those who want to buy the Ford F-150 are assured that they will get theirs as soon as they are released from the Ford plant.

However, there are only a limited number of vehicles per wave, and the ordering has already been filled for the model years 2022 and 2023. Those who had ordered online before the ordering system was closed will get theirs within the year.

Those who want to buy an F-150 Lightning but cannot reserve in 2022 and 2023 will have to wait until the next reservation cycle.

How to Reserve A Ford F-150 Lightning?

To reserve a Ford F-150 Lightning, you must log in to your Ford account or create one if you still need to do so. You will have to order your specific F-150 Lightning on the website. Choose the truck configuration you want, including the available models and options, and submit the online order form. You will also be asked which Ford dealership you want to pick up the truck when it gets delivered.

As for right now, because you can’t place an order for a Ford F-150 Lightning, you can build a truck and see how much its going to be and then sign up for updates to get notified when they open up reservations again.

Start With Creating A Ford Account

First, go to and start by clicking My Account in the top navigation bar.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 1

On the sign in window, click the Create an Account link at the bottom to create a new account. If you already have an account, you can log in here and skip the rest of the account creation steps.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 2

Enter you email address and click Request Email. This needs to be your real email address because you will need to click a button inside an email they send you to confirm your email address and continue the registration.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 3

After clicking Request Email, you will see the page below explaining that they just sent you an email that you need to confirm within two hours.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 4

Go to your email and find the email from Ford with the subject line of “Verify your email address”. If you cant see it, make sure to check your Spam or Junk folder. In Gmail you can find it in your left sidebar where you see Inbox, Starred, Snoozed, etc. Spam or Junk folder is usually hiding inside the More section. Click on More to reveal it.

Once you find it, open it and click the Verify Email button.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 5

It will redirect you to a page that looks like the screenshot below. Fill in your First and Last name and then enter a password you want to use for your new Ford account. Make sure to write it down so you don’t forget it. When ready click Create Account button at the bottom.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 6

You will land on a page that looks like the screenshot below. Meaning you are done creating your account. Click the button to go to

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 7

On again click on My Account in the top navigation bar and then log in with your email and password you just set up.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Create A Ford Account - Step 8


Sign Up For Updates

Once you have an account, you can sign up for updates so you can get notified when they open up the registrations again.

To do this, log into your account and then click Trucks & Vans in the top navigation bar. This will open up a a menu of trucks and vans. Click on the Get Updates under the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Sign up for updates - Step 1

Inside the popup you will need to enter your first, last name and your zip code. The email will be already populated, if it’s not, enter it too.

Select the time frame when you plan to purchase a Ford F-150 Lightning, then make sure the F-150 Lightning is selected in the Preferred Vehicle field. Click the Submit button.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Sign up for updates - Step 2

That is it. You are now signed up for updates. You can close the popup by clicking the Close button.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Sign up for updates - Step 3

Build A Truck And Get A Price

You can also build your truck and see how much it will cost based on what options you select. To do this click on the Trucks & Vans in the navigation bar.

This will open up the trucks and vans menu. Click the Build & Price under Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Build your truck - Step 1

You may get a popup at this point. You can just click close for it to go away. Then clickStart Your Build button.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Build your truck - Step 2

On the next step you will be able to select a model you want to start building. There are 4 to choose from. The Pro model is really the base model. It is the bare minimum but still a Lightning. In the older world this one would come with roll up windows and no A/C.

In my opinion if you’re going to buy a Ford F-150 Lighting you should at least go with an XLT model. When you are ready click Start Your Build button.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Build your truck - Step 3

This is where the fun starts. On the left side you will see your truck taking shape as you select options in the right pane.

Go down the options and select what you like and watch the price change in real time. The price is at the very bottom. You can scroll down and see it as you select your options.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Build your truck - Step 4

When done, the only options you have is to get updates. Clicking this button will plop you back on the Sign up for updates popup. If you haven’t done that yet go ahead and fill it out and let them notify you when you can place your order in the next wave of orders.

Ford F-150 Lightning - Build your truck - Step 5

What Are the Different Ford F-150 Lightning Models?

The Ford F-150 Lightning comes in four different trim levels, and these are the Pro, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum. These variants come with other options and can be configured when you order online.

The base model Pro offers an upgrade to the battery pack, with built-in electrical outlets to directly power different tools, electronic devices, and appliances when traveling or when you are away from home.

The XLT model is more powerful than the Pro, with 18-inch wheels, with an option to upgrade to 20-inch wheels. It also has options for truck bed lighting. Other options are a tow package with a steering assist, trailer-brake controller, and onboard scales.

The Lariat is a larger model with more interior space. It has a 15-inch touchscreen and a premium 8-speaker audio system from Bang & Olufsen. Leather upholstery is standard, along with other amenities.

The Platinum is the top-of-the-line model with 22-inch wheels, a standard 563-horsepower powertrain, and an additional ten speakers in the audio system. It also features an Extended-Range battery, allowing for 70 miles more range than the standard battery, capable of 300 miles per charge. Charging is not a problem with over-the-air Software Updates. These updates include new charging solutions and the FordPass Integration that allows the owner remote access and the ability to communicate with the Ford Connected Charge Station. The Ford Connected Charge Station allows for at-home high-capacity 80-amp charging.

Charging is no significant issue either, with over-the-air Software Updates supplying robust charging solutions and FordPass Integration that allows you to remotely access your truck and communicate with the Ford Connected Charge Station. The 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro can also be used at home for seamless access to public charging. Owners can fast charge their F-150 Lightning home with the 80-amp Charge Station Pro.

How Much Does the Ford F-150 Lightning Cost?

The 2023 model F-150 Lightning Pro starts at $55,974. There is also an additional destination charge. The top-of-the-line Platinum with the Extended Range battery is priced at $97,000. Sitting in the middle of the price range is the XLT High trim which costs $80,974. It is also the first model with an extended-range battery.

There are tax deductions and incentives available to help offset the net cost of the electric vehicles which is very attractive to many people and is the reason they are willing to cross into the EV world.

How Much is The Deposit On A Ford F-150 Lightning?

When you place an order for a Ford F-150 Lightning, you are also required to pay a deposit of $5,000. It is non-refundable and is credited towards the price of the F-150 Lightning.

Once you place an order it is not transferable. The only way to get out of it is to cancel it and lose the deposit. Read more about transferring Ford F-150 Lightning reservations.

Can You Buy A Ford F-150 Lightning From The Factory?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a Ford F-150 Lightning from the factory or the dealership. The only way to buy a Ford F-150 Lightning is through the website, and the vehicles are released in waves.

You can go to a Ford dealer and they will help you log onto the website and place an order but they will not have any trucks for you to buy right odd the lot.

How Long is the Waiting List For The Ford F-150 Lightning?

There is a long waiting list for the Ford F-150 Lightning. Due to the high demand, the current backlog of orders might take three to four years to fulfill. Some of the existing orders might not be delivered until 2024 or 2025. The 2023 order books logged more than 200,000 reservations in such a short time.

Ford is increasing their capacity for a run rate of 150,000 units. The run rate is the expected annual production capacity, and Ford expects to achieve this accelerated run rate by late 2023. With the increase in production capacity, they are expected to deliver anywhere from 85,000 to 90,000 units this year.


The Ford F-150 is the most successful truck line in the last 50 years, and the F-150 Lightning is living up to its reputation. The demand for the EV is phenomenal, and Ford is trying its best to keep up with orders.

To help buyers, Ford has started a certification program to upgrade its dealers’ skill set to serve EV drivers better. Additionally, the car manufacturer instituted a buying process that allows for saving on costs for the purchases. Ford F-150 Lightnings are not sold in dealerships. Instead, buyers have to order from the company website and wait until their personally configured F-150 Lightning is manufactured and sent to their dealership.

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