How Tall Is Ford F-150 Lightning? Comparing 5 electric trucks

One thing to make sure when getting a new truck is whether it will fit in your garage. I recently bought a truck and unfortunately didn’t do that little check and guess what… It lives outside. Most standard one-car garages are  12′ x 20′ and two-car garages are 18′ x 20′. This size is ok if you have a standard vehicle but if you deviate from that you’re out of luck.

A Ford F-150 Lightning is 6 ft. and 5 in. tall, which equals 77 inches, and is 195.5 cm in metric measurement. This height of  truck should fit into a standard one-car garage with a standard 8 ft. ceiling.

This truck’s overall dimensions are 19.3 ft long by 6.6 ft wide by 6.5 ft high. Technically, it will fit into a standard garage but you wont be able to fit anything else of significance into it.

In my case, it is the length that is the problem, my truck is also just under 20 ft long and my garage is 21 ft, but we are a house of many people and you can imagine a garage like that. Even though we clean it out every year it is still stuffed a week later with all kinds of things. So the moral of the story is, get a long garage.

Consider The Ford F-150 Lightning Height

The standard Ford Lightning truck is 6.5 ft tall from the factory, but consider the height if you get an upgraded suspension or bigger tires. Also consider the GPS antenna or roof marker lights. What about a roll cage int eh bed of the truck? These things will make the truck much taller than the factory height.

Although the things mentioned above add to the height of the truck, it is still within the hight limit of most places you will drive or part the truck. Some paces to be careful with is when entering parking garages, low bridges or roll up garage doors.

You will find all the specifications for the Ford F-150 Lightning on this info sheet.

Ford F-150 Lightning in the snow

Ford F-150 Lightning Tire Sizes Affect The Truck Hight

The Pro and XLT version of the Ford F-150 Lighting comes standard with am 18″ wheel and a tire size of 295/45/R18 which ends up being 28.5″ tall. The 77″ height of the truck is based on this wheel and tire combination, so if you use bigger tires, the trucks height will be higher.

The Lariat trim comes standard with a 20″ wheel and tire size of 275/60/R20 which gives it a height of 33″. The tires are 4.5″ bigger than the Pro and XLT version and what is used for the standard height of the truck, so if we divide that in half, we’ll get 2.25″ which is how much height it will add to the height of the truck. This means instead of 77″, the Lariat is 79.25″ tall.

The Platinum trim comes standard with a 22″ wheel and tire size of 275/50/R22 which gives it a height of just under 33″. Although the wheels are bigger on the Platinum, the tires equal out the total wheel & tire height to 33″ which is same as Lariat. So the Platinum is also 79.25″ tall.

If the Pro and XLT version is the standard that is 77″ tall, the additional 4.5″ in the tires adds 2.25″ to the overall height for the Lariat and Platinum version of the truck and puts it at just under 80 inches. Not a significant amount but it adds up at the end of the day.

Comparing The Top 5 Electric Trucks Height

The top 5 electric trucks on the market are similar in height and in fact, overall dimensions are very close. This tells me one thing.. that they all will fit into a standard one-car garage, but only if you have nothing else in it. Even into a two-car garage it will be tight, because of the length of the truck and not anything else. Most garages are about 21′ in length and the trucks are just under 20′. This doesn’t give you much play room even if your garage is three-cars wide. This can be remedied by getting a house with a garage that is extra long.

Most garages have at least 8′ ceilings but the tricky part is the garage door height. You can lose as much as a foot because of this. Plus you have the garage door opener hanging down almost a foot also. Even with this, there should still be plenty of space for the truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning Height

As we already discussed above, the Ford F-150 Lightning is 77″ tall with it’s most common Pro and XLT version. These trim packages are the most affordable from the 4 available on the market. Starting from the Pro version at about $40K and XLT at about $53K, going to Lariat just under $70K and $91K is a long reach, so the first 2 are most likely to be the most common and most popular out of the bunch.

Chevrolet Silverado EV Height

The electric version of the Chevy Silverado EV truck comes in just 1 inch shorter than the Lightning at 76″ tall. The maximum wheel this truck will accept is 24″ which is 2 inches taller than the Lightning. And with that, it puts the Chevy at 77″, just like the Ford.

GMC Hummer EV Height

The electric Hummer EV is of course taller than the rest, coming in at 79″ tall, which is not that much taller. Just like the others, it will fit into an average garage but just barely. The average garage is really not made for trucks but as a bare minimum to say it’s a garage. You really have to choose if you are going to have stuff in there or a truck, can’t really have both very comfortably.

Rivian R1T Height

The Rivian R1T truck comes in at 78″ tall. This truck is heavier than others, except for the Hummer, but it shouldn’t affect how it fits into a garage or goes under bridges, so it is irrelevant. Just pointing out the major difference with this truck compared to the others. Hight wise, it should easily go anywhere the other electric trucks can go and fit.

Tesla Cybertruck Height

And the least tall truck of the bunch is Tesla’s Cybertruck, coming in at 75″ tall. Not only does it look fast just standing there but it is also shorter in height, closer to the ground, taking up less space as it cuts through the air. The prototype they showed off on the stage was a lot larger than what the production truck will be. The specs say that the production truck will be about the same dimensions as the other trucks mentioned here – under 20′ in length, a little over 6′ wide and tall.

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