How Much Does It Cost To Charge The Hummer EV At Home?

With all the electric vehicle talk in the air, the Hummer is almost never the topic unless you really love these huge monsters. Never would you ever think that you can save more than half on “gas” by getting an electric Hummer. Yes, more than half. Look at this.

It costs an average of $28 to charge the Hummer EV at home and about $95 per month to keep it charged as you drive an average amount of miles per day, compared to $464.49 cost to fill the gas tank of a regular Hummer. It costs a little more per month to charge the Hummer EV than it costs to gas up a motorcycle (about $15 more)!

The cost given above took a little calculating for realistic cost instead of just numbers on paper because we presume that because we plug in the EV into the charger each day, we charge the battery from zero, but reality is that we only use some of the battery as we drive throughout the day and at night when we plug it in to charge, the battery is still 75% charged, so we have to account for that in our cost analysis. Many places online don’t consider this and throw out wrong estimates because of this.

I will also compare the cost of an electric Hummer vs a gas one and see how the cost of running each compares. You will find out yet another benefit of getting an electric truck.

The funnest comparison I found was the fact that it takes about $80 per month to gas up a motorcycle and it costs only $15 more per month to charge a HUMMER!! This is crazy pants.

I hope you like numbers and math because we’ll be diving into some right now. Try to keep up as we go over the calculations to find the answer that I came up with above.

Calculating The Cost Of Charging The Hummer EV At Home

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Charging your electric vehicle at home is a lot more convenient that wasting hours charging at a charging station somewhere. In this calculation we won’t be including the cost of a home charging station setup but only focus on the actual cost of electricity to keep the Hummer charged up.

Here are some facts we need to keep in mind for our calculations:

  1. Battery capacity 200 kWh
  2. Average cost of electricity in the US is $0.14 per kWh
  3. Hummer EV range is 320 miles
  4. Average driver drives about 1,191 miles per month

According to GMC the Hummer EV is going to have a 200 kWh Ultium battery system that weighs about 2,900 lb and is made by LG Energy Solution. This is the largest battery of any other pickup truck in its class. For a Hummer, I’m not surprised, it is a beast of a truck.

The cost of electricity in the United States varies from state to state but it is close to average but some states like Connecticut, Massachusetts, Alaska and Hawaii have the most expensive electricity that ranges between $0.21 and $0.23 per kWh. Because of this, the cost of charging a Hummer EV at home will differ significantly depending on what state you’re in.

The cost of electricity in most of the states is from $0.09 t0 $0.19 per kWh which makes it about $0.14 per kWh in average cost. We will use this figure to calculate the cost we are looking for today.

Ao we know that the Hummer EV needs 200 kWh of electricity to be fully charged and the average cost is $0.14 per kWh, so we multiply 200 by 0.14 and we get $28.00 to charge the battery one time. If you are an active driver you will need to charge the Hummer every night. So 30 days a month times $28 per charge, the monthly cost to charge it is $840.00.

GMC claims that this beast will be able to go 320 miles on one charge so let’s calculate cost per mile; $28 divided by 320 is $0.08 per mile.

Let’s keep in mind that the monthly cost calculated above is true only if you are going to be driving the entire 320 miles each day and drain the battery completely every night and have to charge the battery from scratch. This is not common, because an average driver only drives 1,191 miles per month, which gives us only 39.7 miles per day. Now if we take the $0.08 cost per mile and multiply it by 39.7 miles we will find out that the daily cost will be about $3.18. Times that by 30 days in a month and you will get a more realistic number of $95.28 per month.

Cost To Charge The Hummer EV By State

EV Charging United States

As we discussed above, the cost of electricity varies from state to state so I pulled the cost of electricity for each state and created a table that shows you a more accurate cost to charge the Hummer EV in your state. Keep in mind that these are estimates and are not exact amounts but this should give you a good idea about a ball-park amount that driving a Hummer EV would cost.

StateElectricity Cost 2021 $ / kWh200 kWh Battery
New Hampshire0.1963$146.12
New Jersey0.1564$116.42
New Mexico0.1337$99.52
New York0.193$143.66
North Carolina0.1124$83.67
North Dakota0.1207$89.85
Rhode Island0.1864$138.75
South Carolina0.1291$96.10
South Dakota0.1239$92.23
West Virginia0.1157$86.12

* Cost in the table above is based on the statistically average number of miles driven per month (1,191 miles) rather than the range capacity of the battery.

Cost of Driving A Hummer EV VS Regular Hummer

Here are some facts we need to keep in mind for this calculation:

  1. Gas tank capacity 32 gallons
  2. Average MPG of about 10 miles per gallon
  3. Average cost of gas in the US (currently) $3.92 per gallon

Now that we know what an electric Hummer costs to drive let’s look at a gas powered Hummer and then compare the 2.

The gas powered Hummer has a 32 gallon gas tank and does about 10 miles per gallon which gives us a range of about 320 miles. Ha! Just like the EV version.

With the average price of gas today (and I mean TODAY) being $3.92 per gallon, the cost of filling up and driving 320 miles is $125.44. To get a price per mile we will take the $125.44 and divide it by 320 miles and get the cost of $0.39 per mile.

Just like we did for the EV Hummer lets make the numbers realistic based on actual average of miles driven per month or day by people in the US. So 1,191 miles per month is the average miles people drive and we multiply that by $0.39 to get the monthly cost of $464.49.

The Results

TruckMPG/kWhCost Per Gallon/kWhCost Per Month (1,191 miles)
Hummer - EV200 kWh$0.14 / kWh$95.28 / mo
Hummer - Gas10 MPG$3.92 / gal$464.49 / mo

The bottom line is that with the EV, you get more power, faster vehicle and it will only cost you about $95 per month to drive the average 1,191 miles vs a monthly cost of about $464 to do the same but with less power and speed on the regular Hummer. And the winner is the Hummer EV. I see why GMC put all the crazy into this truck, the super heavy and huge and powerful batteries, because it was still worth doing. I did the same calculations for a Ford F-150 Lightning a little bit ago which is interesting to look at comparing it to what you see here about the Hummer. This is a beast but it makes sense now after all the number crunching.


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