Astronomical Hummer EV Battery Replacement Cost $$$$$

Battery costs can be one of the most expensive repairs you’ll have to manage as an electric vehicle owner, but how does the new GMC 2022 Hummer EV stack up when it comes to battery cost? What does an electric hummer battery cost?

Based on the size and capacity of the Hummer EV’s battery, the replacement costs can be over $20,000 which includes the battery cost of over $10,000 and $8,000+ for labor to replace it, plus all the other shipping and handling fees that they always tack on. 

There are a number of factors that influence the price of a battery, and there’s a massive difference in the replacement cost of a ICE battery and an EV battery. The rest of this article will cover everything you need to know about the exact price of a Hummer EV and whether it’s worth buying.

What Does It Cost to Replace a Hummer EV Battery?

If you know anything about electric vehicles, then you’re well aware just how expensive their batteries can be.

Although, GM does not have a price available for a replacement Hummer EV battery, the battery price range for an electric vehicle can cost $3000-$18,000, depending on the capacity of the battery and the scarcity of the parts.

The Tesla Model 3 or Model S, for example, will cost between $12,000 and $15,000 to replace, while a more down-to-earth EV like the Nissan Leaf ranges from $3,500 to $9,500. Of course, that’s not even factoring in the cost of labor and the scarcity of resources in different parts of the country.

Without a clear number at the moment, let’s take a look at some factors that are probably going to impact the price of the Hummer EV battery.

Raw Numbers

Although it’s not a perfect science, you can estimate the cost of an EV battery with some quick math based on the battery capacity and cost per kilowatt-hour.

The average cost per kilowatt-hour for EV manufacturers to stay competitive with ICE vehicles is $100, and the Hummer EV has a battery capacity of 200 KWH, which comes out to $20,000.

Of course, this number may be modified by a number of different factors, and the price will drop over time and by the cost of the different elements in the battery. If anything, the sheer power of the Hummer EV battery suggests that it’s going to be on the higher end of battery replacement costs.

Innovation and Design

There’s no shortage of innovation in the GMC Hummer EV, which doesn’t bode well for those needing to make a replacement.

With revolutionary on and off-road capabilities, as well as some impressive 0 to 60 metrics, this super-truck also has a pretty super battery.

All electric GMC vehicles going forward will utilize the Ultium battery system that creates an optimal driving range and makes the Hummer EV top-of-the-line when it comes to its 300+ mile range.

As such, the replacement cost for one of these impressive batteries will reflect the current market prices for high-end luxury EVs.


The sticker shock definitely hits different when you need a part replaced on a brand new vehicle, and boy, is the Hummer EV expensive.

One such case of insanely priced repairs involved an owner who was quoted over $4000 for a passenger taillight, not even including labor.

This isn’t even a case of a mechanic vastly overcharging for a simple repair; GM has confirmed that the list pricing for their taillight is over $3,000 per side.

The scarcity of Hummer EVs probably contributes to this high price, too, since production has nowhere near caught up with demand yet, driving those parts prices through the roof.

The high price of a simple taillight does not bring a good omen for the inevitably high price of replacing a Hummer EV battery.

Why Is the GMC 2022 Hummer EV Battery So Expensive?

The reason the Hummer EV battery is so expensive falls along the same track as the rest of the EVs out there: batteries are ludicrously expensive to make, especially batteries with very high kilowatt capacity.

It’s also important to draw a distinction between electric vehicles and ICE or hybrid vehicles. The battery in an electric vehicle is the driving force powering the car. It is, in layman’s terms, the engine making the car move.

ICE and hybrid vehicles both have batteries, too, and they play an important role, but not to the same extent as in an electric vehicle.

A hybrid vehicle, for example, utilizes a small traction battery that helps power the car. Plug-in hybrids are a step closer to EVs in that they are larger and allow more range before the internal combustion engine kicks in.

At any rate, it’s noteworthy to point out just why batteries are such a big deal in EVs and, unfortunately, why they need to be so expensive.

The Ultium Battery Difference

GM’s Ultium battery is an improved ground braking battery architecture technology that has been developed to provide the power required by the new electric vehicles that GM is creating.

The battery chemistry is different than the current batteries that are being used in electric vehicles. Normal battery chemistry uses Manganese, Cobalt and Nickel. The Ultium batteries reduce the use of more rare and hard to get Cobalt by 70% and replaces it with more available Aluminum to meet the demand.

This new design uses a single common cell design that can be used in multiple vehicle designs by adding as many cells as necessary to create the required output. The cells stack into modules for higher energy density which then can be stacked and layered as needed for various applications, producing 60% more energy capacity than regular batteries.

The cell modules are stacked into a battery pack that is wrapped with a structural water-proof battery enclosure that acts as the vehicle chassis and protects the battery from damage in case of an accident.

The Hummer EV uses 24 battery modules stacked in 2 layers to provide the enormous power that the heavy truck requires up to 450 miles of range on a charge at 40% less cost than other battery systems. Of course the 450 mile range is not realistic unless you strip down the Hummer to bare metal and use a bucket for a seat.

Realistic range on this truck is more like 350 miles when you sit in a comfortable cabin with your family in tow and a couple bags in the trunk. Find out how much it costs to charge a Hummer EV at home.

GM is working on a next generation battery that will lower the cost, provide twice the battery density and increase the range to from 500 to 600 mile range.

What to Do If You Need a Battery Replacement

If your Hummer EV needs a battery replacement, then there is, almost without a doubt, a manufacturing defect. Batteries last anywhere from 8-15 years, and having only just released, a malfunctioning Hummer EV battery will be under warranty.

If that’s you, you’ll need to review all information on your warranty statement from the manufacturer and compile all servicing records and history of maintenance on the vehicle.

Make sure you notify the warranty department of the manufacturer as soon as you notice the problem so that they can get to work replacing it for you.

Assuming the warranty hasn’t been voided for any reason, the dealer should fix your battery for you for free.

Strategizing for the $20,000 Battery Replacement Cost for Your Hummer EV

Replacing the battery in a Hummer EV is a considerable investment, ringing in at a substantial $20,000. Although owning a Hummer EV doesn’t mean you will need to replace the battery, preparing to just in case can help in case you are in this situation. While this might initially seem intimidating, with foresight and planning, you can comfortably manage this expense when the time comes. Let’s explore some strategies to facilitate this:

  • Start Early – Begin setting aside a small amount regularly from the moment you purchase your Hummer EV. Even a modest monthly saving will accumulate into a substantial fund over several years.
  • Explore Warranty Options – Investigate the warranty options available for your Hummer EV’s battery. It’s crucial to be familiar with what your warranty covers to avoid unnecessary expenses and to avail yourself of all the benefits to which you are entitled.
  • Leverage Tax Credits and Incentives – Take advantage of any government incentives, rebates, or tax credits available for electric vehicle owners. These incentives can sometimes help cushion the financial impact of battery replacement.
  • Battery Health Maintenance – By maintaining the health of your battery through practices such as optimal charging and avoiding extreme temperatures, you can potentially extend the lifespan of the battery, delaying the need for replacement.
  • Financing Options – If, despite your best efforts, you find yourself needing a battery replacement without sufficient funds set aside, explore financing options. Many dealerships and financial institutions offer loans specifically designed for EV maintenance and repair.

Final Thoughts

The battery on a Hummer EV is an absolute powerhouse, but unfortunately, it’s so new at the moment that it’s hard to pin down an exact price point.

At any rate, the price of the battery will likely reflect the cost of other high-end luxury EV batteries—to the sum of over $10,000. Only time will tell how the price will change for the 2022 GMC Hummer EV battery.

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