How Fast Does A Ford Lightning Go From 0 To 60? Compared 5 Trucks

Have you been searching for a sleek and speedy truck that will take you from 0 to 100 real quick? Are you interested in trucks and want to know just how fast they can get? Well, you’re in luck because we’ll be discussing the certain speeds of various trucks and how they compare to the speed of the Ford Lightning.

A Ford F-150 Lightning can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds. This truck has powerful torque technology which allows it to run at this speed. Along with its battery, motors, and horsepower, its speed makes it a cool competitor in the upcoming electric truck industry.

Interested in how this truck can kickstart up to high speeds this fast and how the Lightning’s speed compares to other trucks? Let’s dive into the functionality of the F-150 Lightning and a few other trucks.

What Makes The Ford F-150 Lightning Go

What makes the Ford F-150 so fast? This specific truck has about 775 feet of electric torque power. Torque power is calculated by taking into account the weight of the vehicle, the force of the motor, and how fast the motor spins.

Having a high torque power equates to a strong truck. Torque power is essentially what allows the truck to start moving from a resting position and allows it to get up hills, drive through difficult terrains, and pull heavy loads.

Along with its quick torque power, the Ford Lightning also puts out 563 horsepower. Torque will allow your truck to be quick and efficient, while horsepower allows a vehicle to be able to accelerate faster.

The Ford F-150 Lightning has two battery types that are available. One offers a range of 230 miles, the other 300.

Charging the EV

In addition to the great balance of torque and horsepower, the dual-motors and 4-wheel power all factor into allowing this truck to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

Let’s see how this speed compares with other electric trucks on the market (or soon to be on the market).

How Does The Lightning 0 To 60 Speed Compare To Chevrolet Silverado EV?

Just like the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Chevrolet Silverado EV can accelerate from 0 to 60 in a matter of 4.5 seconds. With the speed ratio being the same as the Ford Lightning, how do the torque power and horsepower compare?

The torque for the Silverado EV was measured at 780 feet and the horsepower at 660. This truck uses the same Ultium battery as the Hummer EV (which will be touched on next.) Along with these exciting features, it is said to have a range of 400 miles on a full charge. This truck should be released by the fall of 2023.

The battery range of the Silverado EV is significantly higher than that of the Ford Lightning. Each truck has similar towing abilities that can pull up to 10,000 pounds. We’ve compared speed, torque, horsepower, and towing abilities, so what about pricing? Surprisingly, both of these trucks start at around $39,000. Top versions of both trucks will hit six figures in price.

How Does The Lightning 0 To 60 Speed Compare To GMC Hummer EV?

Moving over to the GMC Hummer EV, you’ll be surprised to find out that this truck can go from 0 miles per hour all the way up to 60 in as low as 3 seconds! This cyber-truck has statistics and features that blow both the Silverado EV and the Lightning out of the water.

Talking about torque and horsepower, the GMC Hummer EV has 11,500 feet of torque (at axle) and 1,000 HP. Both of these equate to its speedy acceleration of 0 to 60 in three seconds.

The question comes up about the cost of charging this monster? We all know it takes a small fortune at the pump for the gas versions of the Hummer but you will be surprised that it costs a little more per month to charge the Hummer than it costs to gas up a motorcycle. Check out the report we just published about this here.

So, what is the starting price? Well, just like the other stats on this truck, the price also blows the previous two trucks out of the ballpark. $80,000 is the starting price which is just about double that of both the Silverado EV and the Lightning.

4-wheel drive

How Does The Lightning 0 To 60 Speed Compare To Rivian R1T?

Right behind the acceleration of the GMC Hummer EV, the Rivian R1T clocks a 0 to 60 time at 3.2 seconds. What associates this truck with its super speed? This truck has the feature of four, yes four, motors. These motors work together to produce 908 feet of torque and 835 horsepower.

Its battery range goes from around 260 to 314 miles. Not the greatest range, but definitely more than that of the Lightning. The starting price is roughly $67,500.

How Does The Lightning 0 To 60 Speed Compare To Tesla Cybertruck?

And now, we present the fastest cyber-truck yet. The Tesla Cybertruck has an acceleration speed (0 to 60 miles per hour) in only 2.9 seconds! With a horsepower of 800 and a torque force of 1,000, this cyber-truck will be able to tow around 14,000 pounds and carry around 3500 pounds on its trunk.

The starting price for a rear-wheel-drive and single-motor Tesla Cybertruck starts at $61,000, much more than a entry level Ford F-150 Lightning or the Chevrolet Silverado EV.

While the exciting and sleek model of the Tesla Cybertruck has started to be shipped in November 2023.

How Does The Lightning 0 To 60 Speed Compare To Ram 1500 EV?

Although this electric truck has not yet been unveiled, it is said to be released in the year 2024. Many details are still unknown concerning this new model, but Ram has promised an exciting premiere of their plans for this vehicle later this year.

The company has released statements saying that this new model will be able to run up to 500 miles on a full charge. This is significantly greater than any of the other electric trucks on the list. This vehicle will also be able to tow upwards of 10,000 pounds which falls in the range along with the others.

While exact details of its speed, torque, horsepower, motors, and pricing are still unknown, this is an exciting vehicle to look forward to, to see how well it can keep up with its competitors.

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This is a revolutionary time in transportation history with the evolution of electric cars and trucks hitting the market. Hopefully, this list gives you an idea of how these new electric trucks will compare to that of the Ford F-150 Lightning and help you make the best decision of which vehicle is the best fit for you! If speed is what you want, then the Telsa Cypertruck is the best option. If you want an electric truck to go the distance, then the Ram 1500 EV will be worth the wait.

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