Gifts To Get Someone That Loves Trucks (10 Other Ideas)

It seems everyone recommends about the same things as gift ideas for people that love trucks so I came up with some unique and OTHER ideas that you may find interesting to get for the truck lover in your life.

I didn’t come up with these ideas just from thin air, these are things I like as a truck lover and so I share them with you because I think most others will desire them as well. Now let’s jump into it.

1. Remote Start

Starting a truck in the morning, in the winter is no fun task, it is cold outside and the heater takes a while to warm up. The seats are freezing and it is just not enjoyable to be in it for about the first 15 minutes.

This is why getting a remote start installed in the truck is such a great gift. This is not something that is easy to install your self but it is not too complicated. If your truck lover is pretty handy around car electronics and such, you can buy a self-install Remote Start kit from Amazon, or elsewhere and not only give the gift of Remote Start but also the fun of installing it.

A Remote Start kit can cost from about $100 to $300 as a self-install kit. To have a shop install it will cost from $300 to $800 depending on the vehicle and the options you choose.

If you are not sure how to go about looking into this, I would recommend searching for a Car Audio store in your area and go there and talk to them. They will be able to help you get this done.

2. Gift Card for Auto Parts

This is great if you are on a budget and even if you are not really… These 2 stores are just about everywhere in the US and they carry a lot of great auto parts and car-care products. If you are not sure what to get your truck lover, this is a great solution.

Auto Zone and Napa Auto Parts are stores that a truck lover knows very well and visits often. Usually these stores visits involve some kind of a truck problem that they need parts for but every time I visit them, I see all the things I would like to buy for my truck but I either don’t have time or budget to splurge.

Receiving a gift card to such store would give me an opportunity to go and explore all the fun isles that I rarely browse through in those stores.

You can buy the Auto Zone gift card online or by visiting the store. Napa Auto Parts does not have a way to buy a gift card online that I could find so you will have to visit the store.

For more serious enthusiasts, you will find that places like Texas Speed, Jegs, Summit Racing and CarId will be even more special. Receiving a gift card to these places will really make them jump for joy.

3. A Set of Warm Gloves For The Truck

One thing that I always wish I had on hand is a set of gloves in the truck when it snows and I need to clean the windows off. Having to run back in the house to get my gloves is a hassle and I never do it, so then I have to just use my bare hands to clean the snow off. Having a second set of warm gloves in the truck just for these occasions would be awesome.

It is not just a practical gift but also a thoughtful one that will show your truck lover that you love them and care about their frozen fingers in the winter.

4. Electric Tire Pump Air Compressor

In the winter, the tires tend to lose pressure and nothing makes it easier to deal with than to have an electric air pump in the garage to be able to quickly fill up the tires in the garage.

These electric Tire pumps are not that expensive but are such a convenience so you don’t have to go mess with this at a gas station and pay for air pressure every time you need to use it.

Having this Tire Pump is also great to air up the tires in bikes and balls. I’ve had mine for over 10 years and use it all year round. In fact I’ve used mine so much that I need to buy a new one already.

You can order a tire pump air compressor on Amazon for about $30 to $100 depending on the quality you want. I recommend getting one that has a wall plug in addition to the car lighter plug because it usually means that it has more power and is useful in the garage.

5. Tire & Wheel Shine

This may not seem like much but those that love their trucks will appreciate a stocking stuffer like tire shine or wheel cleaning kits. As you may or may not know, the wheels on a truck is like jewelry. Making it shine is very important, but most of us forget to spend enough time on these things.

Getting this as a gift will help us make time for this and we will be thankful for it.

6. Bed Cover

A bed cover on a truck gives it a finished look and it also helps with the aerodynamics, preventing the air from twirling around and breaking up the flow of air around the vehicle when driving on a highway. With the prices of fuel these days, any little help in that department is a big deal.

Bed covers come in different types, from a simple leathery cloth cover with a few supporting brackets running across the bed to fully plastic, fiberglass or aluminum types and you can expect to spend anywhere from $300 up to a few thousand.

7. Side Steps & Running Boards

When the truck sits higher than the factory height, some help from some aftermarket side steps or some running boards can make it easier to get into the truck. The nice chrome running boards also look very nice and improve the stance of the truck. A truck owner will really appreciate getting a gift like that.

Running boards and side steps can be easily found online and you can expect to may from $200 to $500 for standard ones and up to $2,000 for retractable ones.

8. Aftermarket Bumpers

This may be something that the truck owner might want to pick out themselves so unless you know exactly what they want, I would do a gift certificate or maybe a cash gift for something like this.

But if you do know what they want, even if its just a ballpark style they are after, this could be a great gift for a truck owner.

There are many styles of aftermarket bumpers to choose from but the main categories are:

  1. Winch Bumper
  2. Base Bumper
  3. Bullnose Bumper
  4. Off-Road Bumper
  5. Grill Guard Bumper
  6. Ranch Style Bumper

You can expect to spend anywhere from $100 and up to $2,000 on an aftermarket bumper and they can be easily found online.

9. Aftermarket Headlights

Just getting some new headlights for a truck is already an awesome improvement for the quality of driving the truck, but getting some cool looking headlights is even better. There are so many to choose from on the market today, you should really find out what kind your truck lover likes before you buy – if possible of course. Even if you are not sure, just picking out the ones you think look cool will be an amazing gift for them, so no worries there.

There are halogen lights that are the most common, but you can also look at HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights that are usually very bright, and LED light that are just as bright but are more efficient and last longer.

Besides the technical options, also look at how they look. Some will come with additional LED running lights or LED circles around the bulb to give s halo affect. So many choices but they are all cool looking.

You can expect to spend from $100 to $500 for a set of headlights. Some HIDs can run more expensive. All can be found online very easily.

10. Rock lights

This is a trend right now, and I don’t know how long it will last, but the rock lights are all the rage. These are small lights that are installed in the wheel wells to light up the wheels so you can show them off while driving at night.

Some install 2 lights per wheel well and some just 1. It is important to only do this if the wheels and tires are worthy of showing off, otherwise it will look bad.

There are really just 2 types of rock lights that you would choose from, the regular ones that come with a switch that you would install inside the truck to turn them on and off, and the ones with a remote control or a blue tooth connection so you can control it from your phone. Other than that, the other options will be the style and color options that are not as important because they will be installed inside the wheel wells where nobody can see them. Only the light they create will be visible.

Rock lights can be purchased easily online and can cost from $50 and up to $200.


  • Alarm System
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Aftermarket Grill
  • Tinted Taillights
  • Bed Toolbox
  • Truck Shirt or Hat
  • Truck Build Model
  • Truck Scale Model
  • RC TruckT
  • Truck Magazine Subscription
  • Truck Coffee Table Book
  • Truck NFT
  • Truck Wall Art

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