Ford’s Charging Network Expanding To 106,000 Chargers!

Ford has just struck deals with three new partners to give a big boost to its BlueOval Charge Network. The impressive tag team of Francis Energy, Blink, and Red E are helping Ford to increase the size of its network by about 10,000 units.

This takes the total number of chargers up to an impressive 106,000!

Ford’s got plans to roll out more than 11,800 fast charging stations too. With the new deals, the company aims to put an end to something every electric vehicle owner fears – range anxiety. As a Ford EV owner, you can look forward to a very electric future, indeed!

And it gets even better. Ford has also arranged access for its EV owners to Tesla’s Supercharger network. So now, you’ll find it easier than ever to juice up your Ford EV.

You can read the full article here. Mark this as good news for the industry, Ford electric vehicle owners, and the planet!

With plans for more fast chargers coming to Ford Model e dealerships in 2024, Ford’s vision of an electrified transportation future seems firmly on track. Eyes on this space for more electrified updates!

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