– OBD2 Trouble Code Scanner – My Full Long Review (with Photos)

Both my cars – a Honda Pilot and a GMC Sierra truck have check engine lights on the dash, screaming at me for a while now. I am not too worried about it because I already had it scanned at a local Auto Zone and I know that its not critical. But it’s been a while and I don’t remember exactly what the issues were.

I’ve looked into buying a code reader before but these things are too expensive but also kinda bulky. So I never pulled the trigger.

When I found this gizmo called Fixd and looked into it some more, I saw that it is what Ive been looking for. It is small, it works with my iPhone and its affordable. Oh and also it is interchangeable with multiple cars as long as they have the OBD II connector.

Fixd Review - Sensor-with Phone App

The other thing that also influenced my decision to buy it now is that I can do a review about it on here for you guys. To show you how it works and what you can expect if you bought it. If you do buy it by clicking my link below, they will also pay me a commission so that works out great for all.

Having said this, believe me, If this thing was junk, I would tell you. And I would NOT give you a link to go buy it. It’s just not how I roll.

So in short, it’s a great trouble code sensor that you can use from your phone, so you can feel confident in buying it. Here is the link:

Now let’s get into the details.

The Purchase Process

When I landed on their sales page, I selected the single sensor option. Since they you can use the same sensor in multiple cars, I don’t need separate ones.

I don’t leave mine plugged in all the time and only use it to scan for codes. You can however leave it plugged in and have your phone send you notifications if there are any issues that come up or to remind you to change oil or other things. In this case you would want multiple sensors so you can have each one plugged in in each of your cars. order

I live in Idaho so with tax, I paid $66.98.


It didn’t take long for it to arrive. About 5 days.

The FIXD Unboxing

Once I received it, I opened up the package and it contained the box with the OBD II sensor and an instruction booklet. The packaging was very nice.

Fixd Review - Unit box

Fixd Review - sensor unboxing

Fixd Review - Sensor

Fixd Review - Booklet 1

Fixd Review - Booklet 2

The FIXD App Installation

Step 1: The installation process is very easy. You just search for the keyword “fixd” in the app store and find the app named “FIXD OBD2 Scanner”. Click the Install button next to it.


Fixd Review - App Install Step 1


Step 2: The next step is to open up the app and click the Get Started button.

Fixd Review - App Install Step 2


Step 3: It will ask you to enter your email. Do that and then click the Continue button.
Fixd Review - App Install Step 3
Step 4: Now check your email and look for an email from FIXD Automotive. The subject should says something like this: “XXXXXXX is your FIXD verification code”. The X’s is actually a verification code. Once you open the email, find the code you need. Then enter this code into the app.

Fixd Review - App Install Step 3b
Fixd Review - App Install Step 4
Step 5: The app is now installed. Now you need to install the sensor. Click Continue To Install Sensor button.
Fixd Review - App Install Step 5
Step 6: This page has a video that shows you how to install the sensor. It is actually pretty easy. Look under your dashboard and look for the OBD II connector that looks like the image below. Then just plug it in.

Fixd Review - OBD2 Port

Fixd Review - Sensor Installed

When you have it plugged in, start the engine and then click Sensor Is Plugged In button.
Fixd Review - App Install Step 6

Scanning The Codes

Step 1: Now that the app is installed you can start scanning the codes. The app can detect the car you have if you have a newer car. Mine is a 2004 so it will need me to enter the VIN in order for it to tell what car its talking to. But in this step, just click the Tap To Scan button.

Fixd Review - Code Scan Step 1

Step 2: This is the step where it would have detected the car. In my case it wants the VIN number. So I clicked Add New Vehicle by Vin link.

Fixd Review - Code Scan Step 2
Step 3: At this time, I had the check engine light on, so it detected it. As you can see it detected the EGR issue, like I thought from before. I clicked the Clear Check Engine Light button.
Fixd Review - Code Scan Step 5
Step 4: It successfully cleared the light. So I clicked the Yes button to confirm. Then I clicked to Rescan Vehicle button.
Fixd Review - Code Scan Step 3
Step 5: Now the code is cleared. I know that after a bit of driving the code will come back and the check engine light will come on again. It’s something I will need to deal with soon.
Fixd Review - Code Scan Step 4

That’s it for the code scanning part. This is the main part I needed it for, but there are other features and tools in there like setting up your car’s milage and tell it when the last time the oil was changed so it can remind you when its time to do it again. Also it will track the tire rotation schedule and a bunch of other things that I will never use it for.

Other Tools & Features

Let’s look through the other pages available in the app. The first one is the Vehicle Information section. You can check the vehicle value in there, emissions precheck (a premium feature), recall alerts and future problems forecast (also a premium feature). It’s pretty useful, but I don’t think I would ever use it for that.

Fixd Review - Other features - Vehicle info

Then we have the Ways to save money section where you can get a hookup on some auto insurance and some service contracts.

Fixd Review - Other features - Repair Tools 1

The Repair Tools are pretty useful. From scheduling service appointments to asking an AI mechanic something about your car (a premium tool). From steps to diagnose problems in your car to a library of dash lights (like my kids like to call them, emojis, LOL). The little green shield icon on the right means that feature is only available to the Premium subscription users.

Fixd Review - Other features - Repair Tools 2

The next section is While Driving. You can use the 0-60 Meter to keep track your 0-60 time and see if you can beat it. The Trip Mode tells you all kinds of data about your trip. I think I might use this this weekend on my trip to Vancouver, WA.

Fixd Review - Other features - While Driving

The Maintenance tab at the bottom takes you to the car info page. You can add your mileage in there and other info so the app can track things for you. Tires, Battery, Wipers replacement schedule and so on.

Fixd Review - Other features - Maintenance 1

Down lower you have access to the FIXD Mechanic Hotline as well as a useful Maintenance Guide.

Fixd Review - Other features - Maintenance 2

The last tab in the app is the Premium Subscription. For $8.33 per month paid annually ($99.99 per year), or for $12.99 per month, you can have access to the Premium account that lets you access AI Mechanic that can help answer car questions.

Fixd Review - Other features - Subscription

The Final Verdict

In my opinion, this little sensor is exactly what I needed. To read the codes and tell me what the car wants from me. Then also to be able to clear the codes. Just the ability to do that from the phone makes it super convenient for me. It is well worth the $67. So if you like what you see, then please use my link to buy it so I can get a few dollars from the sale for my work of putting this review together. I will much appreciate it.

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