Do Ford F-250s Have Massage Seats?

Some people love them and other don’t, the massage seats is a luxury option that can be included in some trucks. Ford’s Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion Massage are designed to help reduce muscle tiredness – the subtly-moving cushions would be giving you a spa-like massage as you drive.

The massage seats are available on some Ford F-250 trucks but it doesn’t come as a standard option. They are obviously available now as an option you can get on a new truck but the massage seats were available on Ford truck back in 2015 when they introduced them on Ford F-150’s.

It’s rare but you can probably find a used Ford F-250 truck that might have the massage seats. To help narrow it down you can search for a specific model of the truck that will have better chances of having them.

Do Ford F-250′s Have Massage Seats?

Not all F-250’s have massaging seats. They are available only on the King Ranch (optional, as part of the King Ranch Ultimate Package), Platinum, and Limited (on both of these trim levels, the Multi-Contour Seats are standard).

When getting your brand new F-250, you can remove the massaging seats from the package (to delete the feature, use order code 91X).

As such seats are an optional extra on the King Ranch trim level, you wouldn’t have to pay more for the vehicle, while deleting the feature on the Platinum and Limited trim might allow you to get your hands on the truck a bit faster.

  • Ford F-250 King Ranch also has heated and ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel
  • The Platinum trim level takes the comfort of the vehicle to another level as it features heated front and rear seats, Intelligent Access, and LED fog lamps
  • Finally, the Ford F-250 Limited trim has Adaptive Cruise Control, Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers, and a built-in navigation system.

The availability of various features is constantly changing, so you might want to call your dealer before making up your mind.

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What Are Ford’s Multi-Contour Seats?

Ford F-250 Seats

The seats that are equipped with Multi-Contour Active Motion can help reduce muscle tiredness and improve blood flow to the muscles in the pelvic region (this, in its turn, can prevent back pain). They are adjustable in ten ways to create a more personalized fit. In fact, 4 out of 5 people have found such seats to be more comfortable than traditional ones.

The Multi-Contour Seats also feature heating and cooling functions, by the way.

The technology consists of pads (basically, seven air chambers) that provide a ‘rolling-pattern’ massage in the lumbar area which changes the contour of the seat over the course of your drive, and the pads in the base of the seat that gently move up and down.

The subtly-moving cushions will be giving you a massage while you’ll drive, but the good news is that the movements won’t intrude on your concentration.

When designing the seats, the Ford team invited doctors who found out after conducting numerous experiments that by the end of your car journey, muscle tension will be reduced by up to 60%.

How to Turn ON the Massage Seats in a Ford F-250?

Usually, you’ll find the buttons that activate the massaging seats right next to the controls that move the seat forward and backward. On some vehicles, the Sync touchscreen system can be used to activate the Active Motion.

Once the cycle has been started, the seats will continue the massage for 20 minutes, if not turned off manually.

Do bear in mind that in order to activate the feature, the engine must be running or in Accessory mode.

Two switches control the Multi-Contour Seats. The smaller one controls the Active Motion of the seat cushion and the lumbar massage; the bigger switch is responsible for the lumbar adjustment.

If you’re using the switches to turn on the feature, you would have to:

  1. Press and release the front part of the smaller button. This will turn on the massaging pads at the base of the seat.
  2. To turn on the lumbar pads, press and release the back of the same button. The massaging function will not work if your seat is reclined.
  3. The ‘session’ will automatically stop in 20 minutes. But if you want the seat to stop the massage sooner, then simply press either the back part of the smaller button or the front part of the big button. It may take the pads a few seconds to stop moving and return to their normal position.
  4. If you press the back part of the smaller button once again before the pads had a chance to return to their initial position, the system will turn on again.
  5. To change your lumbar support, press the up or down portions of the bigger button. This is how you will choose what cushion out of the three to adjust (the adjustment defaults to the middle cushion).
  6. Once you have chosen the necessary cushion, press and hold the front part of the bigger button to increase the firmness. If you press the back part, the firmness of the cushion will get decreased. Release the control once you have reached the desired firmness.

Some models might have a circle with a few buttons (the 5-way switch), instead of the small and big buttons mentioned in the instructions.

In such a case, the central switch would be the on and off button. The up and down buttons can be used to choose the exact cushion that you need to adjust, while the other two buttons would either decrease or increase the intensity of the massage.

All the necessary buttons are located on the seat base next to the door. You can always choose lumbar or seat cushion massage only, or enjoy both of the massages at the same time.

How to Adjust the Massage Seats Through the Touchscreen

  1. Press the ‘Settings’ icon.
  2. Select ‘Vehicle’ and ‘Multi-Contour Seats’.
  3. You will see adjustment directions on the screen. You can adjust the lumbar settings and/or set the massage function.
  4. To adjust the lumbar settings, you would have to choose the desired seat and then press ‘+’ or ‘-‘. This will change the firmness of the cushions.
  5. To adjust the massage setting, choose the desired seat once again and press ‘OFF’, ‘LO’, or ‘HI’.

By the way, all Multi-Contour Seat settings can be stored with the Memory Seat feature. The vehicle would quickly recall your preferred seat position once you get in it (including the firmness of the massage cushions).

The memory controller is located on the driver’s door.

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Are Massage Seats On A Ford F-250 Worth Getting?

A lot of people that have an F-250 with the multi-contour seats admit that the feature is just ‘meh’. It might be helpful if you tend to go on long trips in your truck as, if you learn how to use the feature properly, it might bring your muscles some relief.

Though many drivers find massaging seats to be pretty useless (and expensive), there are F-250 owners who adore the feature and are even ready to wait for a few extra months for their vehicle to be built just to have the Multi-Contour Seats.

Final Thoughts

A few years ago, Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion were available on King Ranch Ultimate, Platinum, and Limited. However, make sure to double-check whether or not this feature is listed on the building website as the availability of the seats can change.

Before, you had an option to only delete the seats if you don’t need them, but it looks like you can now add them to some F-250’s.

In any case, the feature is worth giving a try beforehand, so that you can figure out for yourself whether or not it’s worth the investment.

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