Darren Tatro

Darren's Rivian

Darren is one of the writers at Truck Powered, where he shares his insights on everything pickup trucks. Darren’s trusty ride is his 2022 Rivian R1T, a truck he earned after years of hard work and saving up. When it came time to make the big purchase, Darren opted for an electric truck, drawn to its environmental benefits and innovative features. Despite facing challenges like availability issues, Darren’s decision to go with a Rivian has proven to be a rewarding one.

But Darren’s expertise isn’t limited to electric trucks alone. Growing up, he was accustomed to driving his diesel Dodge Ram truck, giving him a well-rounded perspective on both conventional and electric vehicles. His firsthand experience with different types of trucks lends depth and authenticity to his blog posts, making them valuable resources for truck enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Through his writing on Truck Powered, Darren aims to educate and inform readers about the diverse world of pickup trucks. Whether he’s discussing the latest electric models or sharing tips for maintaining conventional trucks, Darren’s passion for all things automotive shines through. With his unique blend of knowledge and experience, Darren continues to be a trusted voice in the ever-evolving landscape of truck ownership.

Darren Tatro – TruckPowered

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