Can You Transfer Ford Lightning Reservation to Another Person?

The Ford F150 Lightning has been making waves in the truck community lately, and with the 2023 model slated for release, many people are wondering how the reservation process works and how they can get their hands on one of these lightweight trucks.

No, you cannot transfer your Ford F-150 Lightning reservation to another person. You cancel your reservation at any time, but if you want to transfer the reservation to another person, you’ll need to cancel the order and make a new account with the correct information, after which you’ll be at the back of the queue.

Unfortunate as it is, you can’t transfer your Ford reservation to someone outside your household legally. The rest of this article will cover how the reservation process works and how you can use it to your advantage.

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Can I Sell My Ford Lightning Reservation?

Legally, the straightforward answer is no, you cannot sell your reservation for any vehicle. Some people take to third-party sites like E-bay to sell reservations closer to the front of the line for a profit, but doing so is unscrupulous and illegal.

Doing so requires you, the seller, to input the buyer’s information in place of your own, which would be a misrepresentation of yourself.

How Do I Change My Ford F-150 Lightning Reservation?

Ford F-150 Lightning - Sell Reservation

To view and change your Ford F-150 Lightning Reservation, you’ll need to visit the Ford website, sign into your account, and select Reservations and Orders. From there, press View to see the details of your order. Here, you can see your reservation and cancel it should you choose.

You’ll need to select a reason for cancellation and confirm your reason. You can do this either on the website or at your local Ford Dealer.

If the reservation is cancelled, you’ll get your refund within 7-10 business days. Of course, doing so will forfeit your place in line. Ford will cancel reservations automatically if they are not converted to an order within a short period of time.

To confirm your reservation, you’ll need to sign in and navigate to the Reservations and Orders page again. From the View page, you can confirm your vehicle reservation and convert it to an order.

If you want to change dealership locations for your reservation, then you simply need to call 1-800-334-4375, Ford’s official customer service number, and ask to change your dealer to a new location.

Some dealers may try to persuade you to stay with them and tell you that you can’t transfer your reservation to another dealer, but Ford themselves have confirmed that doing so will not affect your place in line.

Your chances of getting the F-150 Lightning, of course, will be subject to availability at your selected dealer.

How Can Someone Reserve a 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning?

If you want to be first in line to get your hands on the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning, then you can reserve it through Ford’s website. To hold your spot, you’ll need to put down a $100 deposit.

Unfortunately, Ford closes the reservations after a certain number of reservations are placed, so you would have to wait until the next round of reservations opens up for the next year model. At the time of the writing of this post, 2022 Lightning reservations have closed and not expected to be opened up again until July 2023.

Once they open up the reservations again, you’ll just need to log into your account at and select the vehicle you want to reserve by hitting the Reserve Now button. You’ll need to send some information to Ford for them to process, after which you can select the configuration, trim, and package you want with your Ford F-150 Lightning.

How Many Reservations Does the Ford F-150 Lightning Have?

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning was a highly sought-after vehicle, so when Ford closed the order books for this model, many people missed out.

There has been over 200,000 orders for this truck already. Ford has the ability to only build 15,000 of them in 2022, then 55,000 in 2023 and 80,000 in 2024. That doesn’t even get them through the first batch of orders. This is why they had to close the reservations.

As such, the 2023 order schedule for the Ford F-150 Lightning in August of 2022 brought many new customers who didn’t get a 2022 Lightning.

So, if you really want a Ford F-150 Lightning, you have a better chance of getting one in the pre-owned market than new. I also see that once they start hitting the streets, the price tag on the used Lightnings will be much higher than new, simply because of supply and demand factor. Some will be willing to pay high dollar just to have one of them sitting in their garage.

How Long Is the Wait for a 2022 Ford Lightning?

Ford F-150 Lightning Reservations Wait Time

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has been sold out for quite a while, with the order book closing early in 2022 after racking up about 200,000 reservations. You might still be able to find one at a local dealership, as they have the opportunity to sell cancelled orders—but expect a significant markup for the privilege of getting your hands on one right away.

Ford has mentioned that they’re looking to ramp up production of the Ford F-150 Lightning to meet demand, aiming to produce over 80,000 units a year. If you’re doing the math, then it doesn’t spell good fortune for anxious F-150 enthusiasts.

Initially, Ford was planning to build 40,000 trucks per year, but as the demand for the Lightning skyrocketed, they buffed up their Rouge manufacturing complex to build 150,000 models in a year.

They’re also launching a much larger production complex in Tennessee, with the hope of opening its doors in 2024.

The bottom line, then, is that the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning could take up to three years to land in the driveways of its concerned buyers.

Some models aren’t expected to hit the proverbial shelves until 2024. With over 2,000 EV-certified Ford dealers in the US, once models hit the dealership, they can be sold in four different trim levels with two battery options.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is a highly sought-after vehicle that continues to make headlines. If the release schedule of the 2022 Lightning is anything to go by, it’s going to be a long wait for customers to get their hands on one.

You aren’t allowed to transfer the reservation for a F-150 Lightning to others, as lucrative as it may be. You can, at any point, transfer your reservation to another dealership without losing your place in line.

When you reserve your Lightning, make sure to convert it to an order in a timely manner so that it doesn’t time out automatically and cause you to lose your place in line. Stick to Ford’s guidelines as seen on their official website, and you’ll have your Ford F-150 Lightning before you know it!

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